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By Master Account 03 Jan, 2017
We often take great care to make sure that our homes are ready for winter. But the same needs apply to our cars, too. One part of the car that we often overlook in the winter is the radiator. In cold temperatures, coolant in the radiator freezes and expands. This can cause stress on the radiator that leads to cracks. Cracks can then cause leaks that damage the car's transmission. Damage to the radiator can cause a ripple effect through the car and make the car stop running completely. It's important to maintain the car while the weather is warm in order to keep the car happy all year long.
By Master Account 30 Nov, 2016
A car’s radiator disperses excess heat from the vehicle. If anything goes wrong, your car will overheat. The following are the most common types of radiator repair:
  • Air - Air  inside the cooling system restricts the flow of coolant leading to vehicle overheat. 
  • Leaking Radiator -  A radiator leak may eventually lead to a radiator replacement; always check during car repair. 
  • Hose Leak -  A radiator hose link connects the radiator to the engine for easy flow of coolant. It wears over time and should be checked during car maintenance. 
  • Thermostat Failure -  If the thermostat fails, there will be no flow of coolant and the car will overheat.
By Master Account 31 Oct, 2016
The value you place on your car is evident in the care and maintenance you give it. Auto maintenance enables you to check every system to ensure smooth functionality of all parts. Simply follow the rule book of car care and maintenance to keep it in top form.  The oil system should not be leaky. Check to seal all possible leaks. Ensure that the ignition system gives you a first kick start. Ensure too that the lubrication system is as smooth as it can get.
By Staff Writer 13 Sep, 2016
As summer turns to fall, winter weather will soon set in. Although most new model cars are designed to work well in all weather conditions, the brisk Arkansas winter can always be tough on your auto. For this reason, you need to service your car in the fall in preparation for the cooler temperatures. Some of the tips that can help include checking the engine coolant checking the car’s oil, checking the battery, considering snow tires and inspecting the windshield fluid and wiper blades. You should also remember to drive with an emergency kit in the car always.
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